NASA gives the alarm: The ocean submarine disappears, what’s happening …


NASA is involved in an international operation launched in the Atlantic Ocean for an Argentine submarine, which turns out to be missing for 48 hours. In the submarine there was a caretaker of 44 people, according to international media, referring to official sources from Argentina.

President Mauricio Macri declared that all national and international resources are being used to find the submarine San Juan sooner.

The research was joined by a Nasa plane as well as providing assistance to countries like the UK, but so far no trace of it has been discovered.

“We have not managed to find anything or have radar communication,” said Argentine fleet spokesman Enrikue Balbi. The submarine was located about 400 kilometers off the coast of Patagonia, “the Navy reported.

It is believed that ‘ARA San Juan’, a submarine built in Germany, has suffered an electrical defect, reports BBC.

Navy spokesman Enrique Balbi said the submarine was starting from the naval base of Ushuaia at the base of Mar del Plata, its usual station, when “suddenly interrupted communication.


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