Mars-born “reborn” on Earth: Affiliated with ancient Egyptians. They still live


At age 2, he surprised physicians and his parents with the ability to read, read and draw better than an adult. Today, 18 years later, Boriska Kipriyanovich returns to the spotlight, not only in Russia, for deep knowledge of space and an unusual claim. The 20-year-old says he was originally born on the planet Mars in the last days of the planet’s life, which according to Boriskas died of a devastating war and then reborn in … Volgograd of Russia. Boriska tries to outline his “first” life. He says civilization there was destroyed by a nuclear war, but adds that it is not completely extinct. “The Martians are over two meters. Some still live there, but under the surface of the planet and their body needs no oxygen, but carbon dioxide, “says the young man. Not only that, Boriska says they are immortal. “Growing up to the age of 35 and then everything stops for them. Do not get old, “he says. With the Earth, the Martians connect the ancient Egyptian civilization. “They have had a strong connection and the Earth will change dramatically when the secrets of the Sphinx monument in Giza are revealed,” he says, adding that the mechanism that reveals these secrets is “behind the ear of the monument”



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