Learn the rules of Bill Gates, and you will be successful.

Below we bring you 7 rules that you need for life:


The founder of Microsoft, gives advice on a successful and wealthy life without the need for school.

Bill Gates, at the same time among the richest people in the world, has appeared in a section of the Reddit social network that returning to school once again would not be devoted much to teaching because it is not enough.

Below we bring you 7 rules that you need for life:

1.The world does not care for your self-evaluation. Start doing something with yourself and for yourself today. Now!

2. If you think the teacher is tough, wait to see how the boss will be. Instead of “spotting” in front of the classroom, it will now be in front of an entire office.

3. If he takes things to the heck, it’s not the fault of the parents. You are scattering blunders and starting to take responsibility for your failures.

4. Life is not divided into semesters. Once it starts, life goes on and on, without end. So spend your time doing something worthwhile.
5. Have a good time with those who just learn. Chances are you will end up working for one of them.

6. Life is not right, get used to it. Enough you expect life to “bring you” things that you think you deserve.

7. You will not have a six-digit salary immediately after school. You will have to work hard to achieve what you want


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